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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  April 6, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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breaking neww in west baltimore, where a crowd has gathered after a shooting. janice park is live from the scene...with more on what happened... janice? police are invvstigating a police aree police are investigating a
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murder in glen burnieofficers were callld yesterday to this part of furnaae road... near point pleasant elementary school.53-year old ray the head.police say they're - questioning aaother person who was in the home, but no charggs have been filed. for the first time, we hear blow p a catonsville recruitiig center. center.antonio martinez stood
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before a feddral judge this morning and apologized.....but it didn't keep the judge from haading him a 25-yeer prison see sentence police arrested martinez almostt15-months ago planteddin a vehicle and parked in front of catonsville recruiting centtr. fbi aaents had been traaking his anti-government writings online where he claimed he wantee to wage jihad against the u-s. martinez pleaded guilty in january and at his sentencingg &ptoday, he told theejudge his changed. "mr. martinez ade reference ) to hii strong faith in islam and indicated the type of activity involved in this case diddnot reflect his feelings at this time anddits important po realize those individuals who advance that type of iolen" violence."prosecutors,,on the other hand, showed the judge seized from the defendants jail cell,, which they innist prove martinnz still has a strong ccnnection to terrorist beliefs.
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a 7-year-old boy died after being struck by a car ttursday in northwest baltiiore. 3&it happened just before 5p.m. of morrimer and rubin avenues. marcell wagstaff was transported to sinai ospital, where hh laterrdied. he lived on the road wheee he was struck. police say the driver remained at the scene. the accident is now under investigation. a man convicted of shoooing a woman 4 times in the head during a robbery learns his fate today.malcom pulliam as sentenced to life luss5 years in prison.inn2010, heerobbed bless productions hair salon on belair road. the woman hh shot manaaed to make it to a nearby business for help.not &ponly did she survive, but als served as the primary witness in the trial. pg county fireffghters are looking for the owner of two pygmy goats found running ttrough traffic. ttaffic.the fire department pent us these photos of thh pair found near frederick douulas high school, where pars were swerving to avoid hitting hem...firefighters captured the goats with help
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from a nearby roaa crew and a passerby.they've madee themselves at home on a bookshelf at the fire station. anyone wiih informationnshould call police. 3& when it comes to news in your neighborhood... see it.. shoot it.. send it. ou can upload photos and videos to ourrwebsite. go to foxbaltimooe ot com and it, send it icon. you can also ssnd photos directly from your cell phone to "pics at &pfoxxaltimore dot com." thousands of orioles fans are packed into their favorrte psats... enjoying the first pome game of the 2012 season. kathleen cairns is streaming live from cammen yards with pore on thh crowds.... some fans waited for several hours just toobe gates as oriole park opened oriole fans are eaggr to get
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from the food... to the drraming the fantasy.... that this year... could be the orioles big year. opening day issinspirational especially for 11 year old angelo from dundaak: (angeeo cclainanni)"my dreams are.. to go to the mmlitary and then become president.. im also thinking.. between the militaryyand presiddnt.. i want to become a baseball player.. " itts not only some "sights" that are new at the &pbrand new sound. but also a - "1952 good afternoon laaies and gentlemen, and wwlcome to yards." 3 those are thh fiist words brand new p.a. annooncer ryan wagner said at opening day this afternoon. the baltiiore native describes
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himself as a bleacherrkid, who pow has one of the best seats in the house. he hopes his voice willlbe booming through this stadium for many years to come.... but getttng this job was not a life -long goal. 3 1922 its absolutelyya dream get. i didn't rrelize it was &pavailable and then i looked a it and said yeaa, i think i'd be pretty good at that. wagner beat out more than 600 contestants to get the gig, catchhphrases.... he wants to just do is job, and let the ballpark speak for itself. aad some fun facts in honor of to opening day..... fans wwll purccase more than 50, thousand hot dogs and sodas. and that's not all..... mooe 20 thousand frrnnc fries..... and over 14 thousand chickenn tenders will be sold at camden yards ttday. that brings usstooour question of the day.... do you think the orioles will have a winning seaaon? go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think. you can also sound off ttrough facebook. send ussa tweet..
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text your answer to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. r fox45b for no. gas prices here in maryland droppeddever so sliihtly over night.... just one thoosanddh of a cent. according to triple a fule gage report dot com. here in maryland drivers are now payinggannaverage oo 4 dollars a gallon for regularr in baltimore ttey're just under the 4 dollar mark... at 3. 3-98. nationwide the average is 3 dollars and 4 cents. cents.we're now inching closer towards an all time high nationwide average of 4-11 in july of 2008. fox45 is helping you find the best gas prices in your foxbaltimore dot om, slash pump patrol. how are the roads looking tonig? tooight?brandi prootor has our traffic edge reporr. report.
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if you're loooinn for the easter bunny this weekend you can start aa the zoo zooearlier today ... the maryland zoo in baltimore was hopping with kids on the hunt. they roamed the grounds... loading baskets full of easter's the annual bunny bonanzoo... a three-day event featuring ggmes, crafts and
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entertainment.and offcourse, a few of tte animals areemaking an appearance too. 3 "we bring out some of our animal ambassadors, those you might see, our penguins, our bunnies. the keepers will talk about them a little bit and you can ask questions and learn a little bit aaout the animals we have here at the zoo" zoo."the bonanzoo runs through sunday.. fromm10 to 2... and tickets are free with admission. the megaa illions mystery continues ..... what a with the winning ticket. a military jet plummets the quick thinking that saved the pilots from a fiery crash. pilot: ok helen,,we are goiig to laanch another aircraft, it will fly right next tooyou and will give you instrrctions. instructions. and an 80-year-old woman...forced to lann a plane .... why her husband was unable to hell... and thh incredible wayyshe pulled it off. 3 --adblib weather tz-- the mega-millions mystery just
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got even more bizarre! now the woman who claims to have wwn the winning jackpot - says she lost the ticket! myrrnda stephens is here with more on this latestt twist! jeff, just hen you thought this story couldn't get any more cuckoo... it has! the
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áalleggdá mega-millions winner, mirlande wilson, now says she's quote, "misplaced" the ticket... only adding even more doubt to her already shaky story! the 37-year-old claimm sse bought the winning ticket aa this 7-eleven in milford mill. firss she saii the ticket was at her home. then she said she hid it at the mcdonald's where she works up the street rom &pthe store. noo the single mmther of seven claims she lost the ticket... which is pnly worth 105-million roy 1137 no, no she's crazy. honestly 40 how would yyu &plose a ticket that' slike a eugenio: 7:26 i think she's lying but what can we say there's no way to prove it 30 the proof could come out if or her prize wwth the maryland lottery.but so far that hass't happened. myranda stephens, fox45 news at 5:30. this scorched piece of earth... the aftermath of a navy jet slammee into an
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...just outside of the naval ..- base in of the apartmenn buildings is destroyed......a couple others seriously damaaed.right now.. we know of no one who has died. only 6 ppople were injured.. was a police officer... who &pwas treated and released...3 othee civilians had minor in stable conditton......and it appears people who live in the area were the first to ggt he was in shock. still strapped to his seat. we just picked him up and we drrgged him to the other side of the parking lot away from the fire there was a sttong smell of jet fuel in the air... ...because the pilots were dumping fuel beeore the crash. ápreventedá a much bigger explosion when it crashed. and eighty-year oldd forced to llnd a plann after her husband ppsses out in mmdair.a witness recorded this cell phone video
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wiih the help of a frienn 3 who's a licenesed pilot. he jumped inno a second plane, and fllw alongside helen, instructing her how to land. pilot: ok helen, we are going to launch another aircraft, it will fly right next to you and wiil give you instructions. helen: ook i got t.hhlen: i think i am going to run out of fuel on my right tank.robert: little bit of a flight lesson, but you'll enjoo it.pilot: ok close the road. over..elen: - phat do you mean by close the road?pilot: i was talking to the people on thee round, helen.helen: on't you have anyyfaith in me?pilot: i do, i don't trust the drivers on the d road.helen escaped with minor injuries.sadly her husbaad died--- not from the landing, but from whaaever happened to him on board. 3 and tte doo really did eat his tickets.... the lengths one man went to get back his passes to the masters.
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person was eeiminated from the competttion this week.candace dold reeaps the results and has reaction from the finalist. finalist. (((pkg)))) it's never easy
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idol come to an endd here's night. ryan says theepprson who is at risk of leaving us and is singinn for the save tonight is ddandre deandre's family was visibly upsett...but he remained strong on stage.the teen had to ssng for survival the end the juddes didn't save him . i spoke with deandre this morning and he told me he just wants to focus on his journey as a positive experience.deandrr says: i accomplished ss much why cry over stuff that i happy and proud of hat i did do not what didn't happenyou can see the remaaning contestants on american idol &pnext wednesday and thursdayya candace dold and that's your lowdown. 3 3 a beautiful day for
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baseball.... and the sun will be sticking around for easter weekend.meteorologist emilyy gracey is here with your skywatch forecast.3 3 first pitch"
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the 200h opening day in camden yards history...rick suttllffe thhoos out the first pitch to chris hoiles just like he did 20 years ago....bottom of thh on for nick it a ride to the opposite field...reaches home run of the season...riole orioles take a 2-0 lead.... jake arrieta becomes the opening day since mike of the 2nd... ryan doumit gets caught looking to end theeinning.... pn the 3rd...chris parmelee can't touch theeslider... arrieta etired 8 n a row.... bottom of the 6th...o's up &p3-0...markakis crushessit to the gap in right-center... doumit can't et there...jj hardy comessaround to score from first....markakis heads into 3rd with a triple...3 r-b-i day foo markakiss..birds up of the 7th...
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arrieta freezes ustii morneau...7 innings... 2 hits... 4 runs...arrieta picks up the win on opening day as the orioles beattthe twins...4-2... the o's are tiid for the lead in he american league east... 3 its shaping up to a great weekend for an eaat egg hunn.... 3 let's check back with meteorologist emily gracey to see how warm weell get. 3
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you've heard of the dog eating your homework.... but what about your tickets to the maste. a seattle man, whoseedog swallowed four ickets to the practice round of the masters. but russ berkman was back.... he feed his dog hydrogen peroxide... to make her throw up.berkman pieced after all hat hard work... he called to seeeif masters offfcials would consider thankfully, they had a sense of humor and sent him four new tickets. that's all for fox45 news at 5530. we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 111.. 11...we'll see you later. llter.
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